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Before being assigned to work in a school or educational facility, all RBM personnel are required to pass background checks. RBM personnel are trained on disinfection products and procedures to limit spread of flu, norovirus and other common school bugs.

With tightening budgets and layoffs, many school administrators are looking for ways to get more done for less money. RBM School Services division currently maintains both public and private primary and secondary schools. We also offer services for colleges and universities.

Because each school institution is unique, RBM can provide flexibility and solutions to your particular needs. Whether work needs to be performed on a daily or nightly schedule, weekends or for special event cleaning, RBM will be there to do the job.

For school systems with limited resources, RBM offers summer and holiday project services including:

  • Strip and wax floors
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Window washing services
  • Refinishing of gymnasium floors
  • Graffiti removal

school lockers in hallway