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From humble beginnings in Santa Rosa in 1965, Redwood Building Maintenance Co. has grown to become a major competitor in the building service industry in the Bay Area, Sacramento and most of Northern California. Redwood (RBM) has followed three basic principals since the beginning: Earn customer trust, appreciate customer loyalty and practice honesty in all business relations. These key principles have proven successful for RBM as exemplified by long standing customer relations, some spanning over 30 years.

RBM provides basic janitorial and medical housekeeping services to a wide variety of customers. RBM is a full janitorial services company including floor care, carpet care, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. In addition to basic janitorial services, RBM offers lighting maintenance, and modular office system moves for some clients. In addition to maintaining existing accounts, RBM also is licensed by the State of California to perform new construction clean up on large and small commercial and residential facilities.

Our diverse client list includes many familiar names in manufacturing, financial services, medical, winery and commercial office industries in northern California. Regardless of the size or number of locations, our goal at RBM is to allow our customer to concentrate on their core business and to leave the building maintenance issues to us.


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Why Choose Us?

You won't find any other janitorial company more dedicated

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We're large enough to serve you, small enough to know you. That's been our motto for some time. As a regional company based in northern California, we have a genuine knowledge of the market and our customers. We listen to them. We've been listening to them and responding with the services they need since 1965. In fact, though we are certainly not the largest janitorial company in the world, we are among the league leaders in experience. Some examples:

  • Our management team has been intact for over thirty years! Each of our team members has become an expert in customer service, quality control and leadership. Our executive team has more experience than that of many of the largest janitorial firms.
  • Innovation – By constantly testing and implementing use of new products and equipment, we are able to serve our customers in the most cost effective way possible. Example: We worked with Clorox to field test a new line of products called Green Works. Redwood Building Maintenance then became the first commercial janitorial firm to implement their ongoing use.
  • Green Cleaning – At Redwood, we encourage the use of green cleaning products, recycled and renewable paper products and other environmentally sustainable practices. We can help our customers to achieve their goals to lessen their environmental footprint.
  • Training – Our personnel receive ongoing training in all aspects of the cleaning industry.
  • We have extremely low turnover. Because Redwood Building Maintenance Co. is known by people in the field as a good place to work, we rarely have to advertize for a position. We frequently have workers from other companies come in to apply based on positive words heard from our employees.
  • Quality partners – We sometimes will sub contract work such as high rise window washing and other services. We only work with companies who have a proven record of quality workmanship and respect from our industry.
  • Flexibility – We are able to respond quickly and effectively to many different customer needs.


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Health & Safety Program

Committed to a clean and safe environment

Janitorial Services Sonoma County

Redwood Building Maintenance Co. is commited to providing a safe and clean environment for our customers. In addition, we want to ensure the safety of our employees while performing their duties.

All Redwood Building Maintenance Co. personnel are given initial safety training upon being hired and are required to sign documents of safety rules compliance. After their initial training period, employees are evaluated on their work safety as well as their work at regular intervals.

Included among the training subjects are equipment, chemical, electrical machine safety and container disposal. General safety subjects are also covered, such as use of wet floor signs, safety equipment and lifting techniques.

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Green Cleaning

Environmentally friendly

Green Cleaning - Janitorial Services

Redwood Building Maintenance was the first commercial cleaning company to test and use the new Green Works cleaning product line by Clorox. RBM has tested many "green" cleaning product lines and chose Green Works because the products really work

Redwood Building Maintenance provides it's customers a wide array of choices when it comes to the cleaning solutions and consumable products. As more and more customers seek ways to reduce their impact on the environment, Redwood provides helpful solutions.


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We actively participate in the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club.


We champion in:

  • Customer Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness
  • Friendliness

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Our Mission Statement

Redwood Building Maintenance Co. is dedicated to total commitment to the delivery of excellence in cleaning care and service to our many customers. To exhibit a spirit of fairness, dedication, honesty, reliability and respectability at all times, to all we serve. We are dedicated to our environment and offer Green Seal certified janitorial services and cleaning products.

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