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RBM offers reliable and expert cleaning solutions for the bio-tech industry. From floor to ceiling, we have the expertise and experience you need to ensure your bio-tech facility is properly clean and well maintained.

Lab Specific Cleaning

Our cleaners are professionally and extensively trained to clean lab environments and bio-tech buildings by our Bloodborne Pathogen Certified supervisor. Our staff is also provided all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) as safety is always our number priority for our employees and customers.

All steps are taken to disinfect and decontaminate lab floors and surfaces. No details are left unattended and, thanks to our various quality control procedures, you can rest assured that the results will be remarkable.

We take it a step farther.

RBM has designated equipment that is solely used for lab cleaning. This guarantees that there is no cross contamination with other facilities. Such equipment includes mop heads, rags, cleaning apparatus, chemicals, and other items.


Glass Washing

Our staff is responsible for washing and drying glassware as well as distributing them to their appropriate locations within the laboratories.

In addition, the glass washer may sterilize glassware and other items by using an autoclave or a high temperature washer. Know that we can customize a cleaning plan specifically tailored to your bio-tech business as we understand each company is different.


Inventory Management

The RBM staff is responsible for the ordering of consumable products and inventory tracking. We work closely with the glass washing team to perform quality control and stay up-to-date on glassware status to replenish stock. We want you to focus on running your business operations while we take care of the cleaning and the ordering of cleaning and consumable supplies.

For a free quote on a cleaning plan for your bio-tech company, please contact our expert team by email or by phone at (888) 789-0600.